How to use a URL to launch Report Builder 3.0 and edit a report

Make it easy for SharePoint site owners to edit their custom SSRS reports, by giving them a hyperlink that opens the Report Builder 3.0 application to a specific report.

This MSDN article and this Technet article show how the Report Builder application can be opened from a browser.

A native mode installation URL would be: 

… where “8000” would be the port you used when setting up the ReportServer service, while SSRS configured in SharePoint integration mode would take the form of:

You might find it easier to open the application to a specific report by appending a “?” to the end of the latter URL followed by the report path. Replace spaces in the path after the question mark with plus signs, and skip the “rdl” file extension on the end. For example, to access a “Department Report.rdl” file in a library on a SharePoint site called “Reports Library,” the following URL should work (all in one line):